Luxemburgs Kamp

 Ned. Jeugd Kamp., Lux. Junior Champion, Winster '07 Clubwinner '09, Winster '09

 stud book entry UK, 17 CAC's - 5 res.CAC's - 12 BOB's  B-diploma

Res. CC



Misty, because of her my live has been enriched with so many friendships from all over the world. The birth of her to two litters of 11 and 8 puppies, made up 12 Champions in Holland, Germany, England, Finland, Canada and the US. All these success including her working certificate's her show title's (the most special one RCC at Crufts) and of her two brothers are now memories in the breed. But most important

being my dog she lightened up our lives with her gentle and loving temperament.

I cherish the memories of the daily walks, holiday's, training and picking-up where her naughtiness was her trademark. Her energy goes on in her children and their offspring. Thankful for having her daughter, son and grandson/daughter.

Misty...asked so little, and gave so much, born and put to sleep in my hands....